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Internal Representation

Input and Output Files

Input can be either fault or stress data. Output can also be either fault or stress data. That means one can invert stress from fault data (input = fault, output = stress), generate fault compatible with a stress state (input = stress, output = fault), or analyse the relationship between fault and stress (input = stress AND fault).

The various types and formats of input fault and stress data files are detailed in the user's manual.

Note that conversion between formats can be achieved by reading data from an input file in one format and writing them into an output file in a different format.


Actions affecting fault data only

Actions affecting stress tensors data only

Actions affecting stress tensors and using fault data

Input = fault and slip data   Output = new stress tensor data

Actions using stress tensors and fault data: analysis of the relationship

Input = fault and slip data and stress tensor data
A first step computes for each tensor the fault plane error, E(i), for each fault slip data #i. A second step computes the global error, F (noted Ftm in the program ouputs), for each tensor and ALL the fault data. Note: E(i) and F are controlled by the Inversion parameters. Then different graphical representations are available with extra computations


How to refer to this program

If you publish results obtained with this program, it would be appreciated if you referred to:
  1. the random search method:
  2. descriptions of the methods implemented in Fsa with examples of application:
  3. the software version and its location:
Additional references depending on the subject discussed:



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The versions of the program are detailed in the revision history chapter of the manual.

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